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Hardcover Book Printing

Our Hardcover book materials range from:
A. Paper cover (100 lbs glossy or matte printed as 4 color + Lamination/0).
B. Cloth cover- the cloth material is either real cloth or imitation cloth.
C. Leather or imitation leather.
Any of these chosen cover materials are applied to a 3 mm grayboard. Some people prefer a 2.5 mm grayboard and others want a 3.5 mm grayboard as the cover materials. We will be happy to  accommodate your specific needs. These books are printed either with or without a jacket. The decision to have or not not have a jacket wrapped is up to the print buyer and can be affected by budget constraints or desired appearance of the books. The endpapers of a hard cover book can be left blank without printing or you can choose how to print them from 1 color both  sides to 4 colors on both sides of the end-papers.

For shipping purposes, the books can be packed bulk into export cartons which is the choice of most buyers. Other buyers choose to shrink wrap each book or in groups of 2’s or 3’s, while other buyers want the books packed in mailing boxes or in slipcases. All
these packing options are readily available.

Our minimum quantities for hard cover books are 1,000 and up. You will see a better price per unit if you order between 3,000-5,000 books.

When you decide to print with us, we will provide you with any information or assistance required and provide you with the dimensions necessary for the cover and jacket files. While we prefer to print 4 colors books whereby the text is 4 colors as well, we do print many books with 1 or 2 colors for the text pages. So, please do not hesitate to request a bid for any type of hard cover books. If your looking for FANTASTIC PRICES, QUALITY PRINTING and EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE  for  YOUR HARD COVER BOOKS, please CALL US or fill in our request for quotation form.

Contact us for a quote and discover our commitment to
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