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Printing FAQ's

The simple reason is to save money. Printing with Graphics International costs up to 40% less than printing domestically. Use the savings to print on higher quality stock, add diecuts, embossing or other features which would usually be outside the budget. Your company or client can generate savings or a value-added product - or both!
We provide the FASTEST turnaround in ASIA!! Our typical schedule is as follows -
• 1 week- digital proofs from files uploaded to our ftp server

1 - 2 weeks - Printing, binding, packing (This may vary depending on extent and quantity of your order)
9 - 12 days - shipping by sea to a West Coast port
3 - 5 days custom clearance and delivery to West Coast addresses.
Deliveries to the Mid - West or East Coast may take up to 10 days.
As soon as the printing and binding of your job is completed (normally within 3 - 4 weeks from receipt of your artwork), we will provide you with 2 - 3 complimentary copies by air. If you need more copies by air for trade shows, promotional purposes, or other reasons, just let us know and we will accommodate your needs
We provide top quality digital proofs generated from your files.If needed, we can provide actual press proofs for few pages or one signature. The press proofs will show you the sample pages in the actual paper they will be printed on. If you have any corrections, we will make them according to your instructions. No final printing is undertaken until YOU approve it. Once you approve your project for printing, we assign an experienced production coordinator at the plant to be responsible for your job. He/she will watch YOUR project from beginning to end to ensure it meets our high quality standards
The paper we use is Korean or Japanese, processed from US woodpulp. We have samples to help you choose paper - in most cases, we can match existing stock. The press proof we provide is on the same stock as the finished item, so you know exactly what you are getting. It's really no different from dealing with a domestic printer
Most client give us  CD's or DVD's or they upload files to our FTP SERVER. We can work from PC or MAC format using the following software applications: Pagemaker, Illustrator, Quark Express, Freehand, Photoshop, InDesign, Corel or PDF files. If you have other applications, please ask us if we can work with them. We keep purchasing updated versions to keep up with the marketplace.
You can supply your artwork in the following media: CD or DVD. If you supply us with positive film, it must be RIGHT READING EMULSION DOWN=RRED.
Or, you can provide us with a disk for the text and FPO's with original art (in the form of original illustrations, prints, slides, or transparencies) and we can also do color separations for your project.

No. We deliver door-to-door to any specified destination worldwide.
The biggest myth about overseas printing is that you need to have a large print run in order to save money. We do mostly sheet-fed printing, so most of our jobs are 3,000 copies and up. We prefer multi-page work which also require binding, but we will also print single sheets. In the case of a multi-page job - a 32pp, 48pp or 64pp catalog with perfect binding for example - we will print as few as 1,000-2,000 copies.
Fax, phone, snail mail, or use our On-Line Quote Form and we'll get a quote to you in 2-3 days (within 24 hours if needed!).
Take a look at our Features Comparison Chart and see how we beat the competition hands down!
Contact us for a quote and discover our commitment to
great prices, great products and great service.